Sunday Stockpile Vol:15

Hi, I’m Watson from Piri Piri ( and when I am not being a forgetful prick and professional lay-about, I try and bring you all my take on a few new songs that float around the ether until they find their way to my laptop speakers. Hopefully you’ll like them too. If I can get one reader to pop a ‘molly’ on a sunday, all the better.



Some absolute pearlers for you today. More sick than most of Africa. More dope than the poppies in the Afghan and so good I wanna drop the mic when I finish writing it. Anyway, on with the tunes.





Mosca – A.K.A Mr. Bax – A.K.A “Bing, bing bing bing bong, bing bing bing bing bing, bong” Is back with a tune that couldn’t be more different. Saw him close the main room at fabric after a pretty average line up and he melted my tiny little mind playing a mix of African drum rhythms, creepy soundscapes and this type of techno that would make Ben Klock blush. Banging.





Oi this has just come out on vinyl, if you’re quick you may still be able to grab a copy. It’s such a tossing tune, baitest shoes flipped into a sick vid as well. Just all around ill-ness.





Just when I thought Hessle was getting way too chin strokey for me, they release like a string of back to back bangers. That Pev and Kowton release is the bangarangarang, then this fuckery from who I can only describe as Joe. It’s like some weird alternate universe where you’re born with a name like Tamlock or some shit, so you have to pick something “weird” for your DJ name like Joe. Banging tune. Sick name.





What more can I say?



That’s all folks!



Sunday Stockpile Vol: 14


Hi, I’m Watson from Piri Piri ( and when I am not being a forgetful prick and professional lay-about, I try and bring you all my take on a few new songs that float around the ether until they find their way to my laptop speakers. Hopefully you’ll like them too. If I can get one reader to pop a ‘molly’ on a sunday, all the better.






Some keen observers may have noticed that this blog runs on a “when its ready” type deal due to the dangerous cocktail of staying up late and forgetfulness. But also its down to the fact that if I haven’t heard tunes worthy enough to force people (I.E. you) to listen to, I can’t really do it. I’m not going to start recommending every fucking RnB remix that majestic put on their channel. There isn’t enough time in the day and even if there was, I would rather shiv my thighs with a broken lightbulb. That’s why whenever its looking like a slow week and Neana posts some shit, its kinda like that bit in The Two Towers when gandalf shows up at Helms deep, riding over the crest of a mountain waving his big stick and all the orcs get the sun in their eyes or some shit. As per, this tune is dope, and judging by his soundcloud links littered with Bok Bok radio rips of his tunes, it looks like finally someones got my memo. Free Download as well!





What’s that you say? Another fucking hot female rapper? “Toss her on the pile next to Princess Superstars career, The bottle of Kreyshawn’s parents’ tears and Lil Kim’s old face.” You probably said. Well, hold on because this isn’t your garden variety female rapper, Sharaya J is Missy Elliots Protégé which is the rap equivalent of having Zidane as your coach. The beats are fresh indeed “Ta Def” and her flow, dance routines and swagger is vintage missy. Missy’s been real ill lately and she’s been sorely missed. I’m no doctor but her illness is probably due to collaborating with X-Factor’s Little Mix. We have sorely need her to boy off all these pretenders to her crown and if she has done that by genetically creating the perfect female MC in a test tube, I say its a victory for science.





Shh. If you listen closely you can hear the sound of thousands of house producers clicking presets furiously to find this synth. You can also hear the faint drip, drip of urine falling from my jeans. I’m wet just thinking about this dropping in the club. Mercy, mercy me. Drip.





Someone put this on at a party last night and I ran from the other room and started dancing like a polio victim all over some girls foot. This was when The Neptunes were making more hits than the mafia and makes me wish pharrell was still up for doing that instead of pratting around with robots and Robin “fucking” Thicke.



That’s all folks! 

Sunday Stockpile Vol:13



While everyone in the northern hemisphere is either living underwater or on the surface of the sun, I’ve been chilling down under in the lands of crocodiles, hobbits and good ol’ fashioned racism. I was in Australia for a bit, which is kind of like being in a giant, dusty rugby locker room filled with western music and lazy animals with built in pockets. Now i’m in New Zealand which is basically the UK but with higher hills and nobody about to form queues or complain. Good internet is as hard to find as a Maori in a management position which is why I haven’t done a stockpile in, like, forever. It’s also why some of these tunes might be old news, because although i’m ahead timezone-wise, culture-wise they still watch Allo Allo on the regs here and don’t know Elton John is gay. ON TO THE TUNES.





With a piano hook that seems to have floated off a dream I had about the 1920′s, a baseline that is probably meant to represent shafts of light emanating from a cloud that kind of looks like james brown banging a chick and a video that is like Nosferatu’s vacation clips, this song is an all around vibe-king. It sounds like the last lesson before summer holiday. Medlar, who’s birthday is today, continually knocks it out of the park and this should get you pretty hyped for his LP ‘Sleep’ that’s coming out in October on Wolf Music. Big shouts to Letty on the video as well!





People who know me know that Switch is a bit of personal hero. There’s no one with quite the same skill for bending and curving the norm to create some truly odd beats that still have so much soul. It’s not really a surprise that his version of F.U.A.T.T is every inch as moody and soulful as the original with the added bonus of having a better rhythm for fucking all the time to (unless you thrust slo-mo like an 80s teen movie) . FREE D/L






Word on the street is that homosexuals are pretty good at finding good new music. This is a good example of such. I’m guessing if you’re reading this shite then you know all about Vogue dancing and stuff (if you don’t, do yourself a solid and type ‘Kitty Kitty Catfight vogue” into Youtube) but basically its just spawned all this dope ghetto house to go along with the mental dance moves. I’ve yet to pick up a chick by vougue-ing but that’s just because when I vogue it looks more like i’m covered in bees and trying to get them off.





Highly droppable little electro track which some of you may recognise from Shaun Of the Dead. Sounds like what an Amstrad, Atari 2600 and a Commodore 64 would bruk out to.




Sunday Stockpile Vol: 12



Hi, I’m Watson from PIRI PIRI and when I am not being a forgetful prick and professional lay-about, I try and bring you all my take on a few new songs that float around the ether until they find their way to my laptop speakers. Hopefully you’ll like them too. If I can get one reader to pop a ‘molly’ on a sunday, all the better.






 After a pretty lame and preachy third album, M.I.A shows us why she could still bitch slap any of the young female MC upstarts back to middle school. I also refuse to believe that she is anywhere near 37 years old – she looks like a girl that Iggy Azalea would try and be friends with, but M.I.A is way too edgy and would probably call her a whore or something. By the way, Switch needs to make music constantly because he’s better than everyone, I just looked it up and that’s just a fact.






Like, have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to have a lucid dream about floating around two miles below the sea, surrounded by bioluminescent Mer-People who are feeding you fish fingers and chatting to you about how bullshit the Little Mermaid actually was, all while you’re actually asleep on board a space station orbiting a planet in the orion nebula which is about to implode? Well this is a good start and I think it could be made by an alien… the song spaced me out so much I kinda forgot where I was going with all that. It’s a trippy song, that’s all you need to know really. 






This is one of the coolest, most seductive bass lines i’ve heard in a long time, and then when the “AWWWWWWWWW!” comes in, my clothes and everyones clothes just seem to fall off. So be careful where you listen to this one because you may end up getting pregnant with a deep house baby who looks a bit like Ritchie Ahmed, and no one wants to see a weird, muscly, baby man grooving out to this tune. This tune is pure POLO (Pants Off Legs Open).







Elder Jimmy Hicks is so vein, he definitely thought the song was about him. He’s so vein that he wrote a reply confirming that he indeed is Mr Big Stuff. And who can argue with an Elder?


That’s all Folks!



SOS Newsletter 28/06/2013

Tee Circus on BBC Radio 1Xtra

Tee Circus on BBC Radio 1Xtra

First off we have to say a massive congrats to our very own Tee Circus who will be joining BBC Radio 1Xtra next month to host a weekly show! Sounds of Sumo favourite Tee’s show will be every Tuesday night from 1-2am. To celebrate, he’s given away his track ‘We are Lovers’ for absloutely nothing! Grab it for free underneath.

1Xtra is definitely the station to get your SOS fix, with our bosses Kry Wolf being key contributors to the bi-weekly Food Music Daily Dose section on Mistajam’s show. Listen back to the pair’s hour-long slot from last week here. They have also remixed Australian newcomer Motez’s ‘Call My Name’ for Say Wat Records. Check that one out below.

Two more wicked remixes surfaced this week from label family Squarehead and Jason Burns. Squarehead reworked one-time Sounds of Sumo remixer Viers‘ ‘Your Body’ and Jason has modified ‘Fourzero41′ by Atlantic Conncection. Both are available to stream under this.

Finally, there are a few friends and family of Sounds of Sumo playing at Glastonbury this weekend, so we’ve devised a little timetable for anyone lucky enough to be going of the guys who’ve released music with us.

Melé – WOW Stage 17:00-18:00
Bondax – WOW Stage 19:00-20:00
Mosca – The London Underground 0:00-1:30
Girls Music w/ Mele and MARTELO – Stonebridge Bar 0:00-05:00
Squarehead – Heds Party 0:30-02:30
Woz – Hell Stage – TBA

Thanks for your support,

The SoS team.

Sunday Stockpile: Vol 11

white ace



Hi, I’m Watson from Piri Piri and when I am not being a forgetful prick and professional lay-about, I try and bring you all my take on a few new songs that float around the ether until they find their way to my laptop speakers. Hopefully you’ll like them too. If I can get one reader to pop a ‘molly’ on a sunday, all the better.






You know when you find a fiver in your jeans from the night before? I’ve just experienced that when I remembered that there was still a litre and a half of white ace chilling in my fridge. And maybe its the cheap, hard cider that is finally getting to my brain or some undiagnosed illness, but I could swear that Sophie’s lyrics are actually about the virtues of hair of the dog, a subliminal advert for sub-par booze, and it really speaks to me, bear with me here:

 “You gotta be crazy, thinking you can resist this – (3 litres for £4, who could say no?)

yeah you know, yeah you know you can’t help yourself – (It’s like she’s peering into my soul)

I bet you can’t take it, yeah i’d like to just see you try – (Watch me, love)

You should try, if you don’t you might never know – (I have and I do know, all too well)

How it tastes so good, sweet like whipped cream – ( Only after you mix it with mango Rubicon)

Soft and smooth like you found in your dreams – (I’m not at that point yet)

It’s whatever your heart desires – ( My heart is obviously keen for a palpitation or some shit)

If that’s what you want boy then you know where to find me.” (The fridge)


That’s reason enough for me to recommend this tune. I feel better already.





I’ve been sluggish off the mark to throw plaudits at Vynehall and I guess there’s no real need to go on about how he’s making some of the best house music available at the moment. Having said that, this EP ,’Brother/Sister’ out now on Aus music, is legitimately sick. It also continues the trend of the ‘less-is-more-when-it-comes-to-a-house-piano’, the piano in this song sounds like it was played by a socially awkward cousin being forced by his mum to show how his music lessons are going at a family get together, and all the better for it.





Special request is Paul ‘I made Erotic Discorse’ Woolford. Just let that sink in as you listen to this majestic piece of filth. This, by my reckoning, is what we should be expecting from DJ Zinc, but no, Paul fucking WOOLFORD is behind this. A break tune better than any amen-shuffle Zomby has ever done, and he’s done some pretty good ones. This sounds like something on the ’92 Grooverider tape I used to bust in my car. It sounds like the songs DJ Zinc still gets booking because of. If you can get this release, fucking do it because the other side (Vapour) is almost as good. Woolford, you absolute badman.






One of my absolute pet peeves is the way that new English bands always go on about “Bringing back guitar music, coz all we got iz lousy David Guetta.” Fuck your simple world view. There have been a glut of great guitar music since forever and just because you don’t hear it on the radio doesn’t mean it’s not there (even though you DO hear bands on the radio all the time, just because it’s not YOUR band, doesn’t mean they’re shit). The same can be said about hip-hop in a way, and i’m more inclined to agree with the latter. The 00′s did produce some great tunes and artists in Hip-Hop but to me, they all were still a little to shiny, too well produced. It’s an exciting time in Hip-Hop right now because for the first time since the early 90′s, the big stars are really young. I’ve always found it weird that for the past ten years, the biggest rappers were all middle aged, when at heart, the genre is a youth movement. Now we have A$AP Mob, Rvidxr Klvn, Metro Zu, Pro ERA, Danny Brown, Flatbush Zombies, Lil Ugly Mane, Chance the Rapper, Action Bronson and Antwon – to name a few, all making serious fire and all on their own terms. It’s a good time to like Hip Hop, people.






Last week there was a house party I went to and, unusually for London, the planets aligned and allowed it to be an absolute beaut. After a tame beginning in the night, I had a power nap from 8am – 11 and from the time I woke till the time I left at midnight, the remaining guests (you know who you are) and I proceeded to mix every piece of vinyl we could find, and luckily for us there was a fuck-ton. This song got played about 3pm and people were on the coffee table, chairs, shouting as if it was fabric, and it may as well have been. The breakdown alone in this forgotten gem is perfect for the slightly bleary day after but the tune as a whole must have triggered a communal memory of house parties of yore, back when 3 cans you nicked from your dad would get you steaming and finger banging was the height of sophistication. This is what I love with massive b2b sessions, songs you love get rediscovered, and there’s no better feeling than hearing a great song for the first time – again.


That’s all folks!

SOS Newsletter 21/06/2013

23 VIP

23 VIP

We kick things off this week with SOS bosses Kry Wolf’s VIP of Shadow Child & Tymer’s ’23′. It will be released on the 23rd of this month alongside another VIP by DJ Zinc via our sister label Food Music. Check it out below.

Next up we bring you the video for Py‘s latest single ‘Polyethers’, forthcoming on Champion Records. It’s just as quirky as the one for our very own ’Black Magic’ and looks like it took ages to make, so have a watch underneath.

Also this week there’s a whole heap of music from Canblaster. In the last few days, he’s given us a collaboration with Sounds of Sumo remixer Sam Tiba, a remix of Todd Edwards & Surkin and an edit of Etienne de Crecy’s ‘Scratched Live’. Find them all after the drop.

Elsewhere Cerebral Vortex, who provided vocals for Wool’s ’Erotic Dancer’ last year on Sounds of Sumo, has teamed up with Microdot, Spoek Mathambo and Maddjazz, who remixed Canblaster for us back in 2011. Hear the finished ‘The Funky Beats’ here:

and finally, massive thanks to B.Traits for spinning our latest release, ‘Psalms’ by Jason Burns’ on Radio 1! We reckon she’s doing a great job filling in for Annie Mac!

Thanks for your support, till next time,

The SoS team.

SOS Newsletter 14/6/2013

Mak & Pasteman

Mak & Pasteman

We kick things off this week with Mak & Pasteman‘s ‘Ones2watch’ mix for Urban Nerds. The pair released their ’Get With the Program’ EP on Sounds of Sumo in 2011 as well as contributing countless remixes to our backcatalogue. More recently, they have released music on Redlight’s vinyl-only Lobster Boy imprint. Check out the mix underneath and click here to read an interview with the boys.

Mak & Pasteman – Urban Nerds Ones2Watch Mix by Urban Nerds on Mixcloud

You’re spoilt for mixes this week as Vancouver’s HxdB has also done a wicked 80-minute selection for Bass Coast. Check it out below:

Elsewhere, regular SOS remixer Murlo has been a busy boy. Last Saturday he was on Brackles’ Rinse FM show to provide a 25-minute guestmix, streamable after the drop.  He also unveiled two new remixes: one of Spooky’s ‘Coolie Joyride’, the other a collaborative rework with Brenmar of 90′s classic ‘If You Love Me’ by Brownstone. And if all that wasn’t enough, he’s given away his track ‘Icebound’ for free! Grab it here and check the accompanying interview with Thump (part of Vice Magazine) for what else he’s got planned.

Moving on, another remixer of multiple Sounds of Sumo tracks; Jook10, has been at it again – reworking Sinden’s ‘Bad Boy’. You’re in luck as it’s another freebie. DL it from XLR8R here.

And finally, if you happen to be in Seattle this Sunday, it’s going to be an SOS double-header at Barboza with both Jason Burns and Tony Goods supporting Nguzunguzu. Unfortunately it’s a bit far for us to travel, so anyone attending let us know how it goes!

Thanks for reading,

The SoS team.  

SOS Newsletter 7/6/2013

SOS028: Jason Burns - Psalms EP

SOS028: Jason Burns – Psalms EP

This week, we are proud to announce our 28th release: Jason Burns‘ ‘Psalms EP’. The American producer has had EPs with Symbols and Brap Dem! Recordings in the past few years and releases his latest 4-track effort with us on June 9th. The title track ‘Psalms’, ‘Look at You’, ‘Wait’ and ‘Just 4 Me’ are accompanied by a trio of impressive remixes from Dirtybird newcomer and SOS’s latest signing Mark Starr, dubstep innovator D1′s house-leaning alias Oscar Luweez and UK funky producer and Flex FM host Jook10. The EP can be purchased via Boomkat, iTunes, Amazon and Digital Tunes amongst others. Check it out underneath and please support us by purchasing it!

Remixer Oscar Luweez has two new EPs in the work. One with our friends over at Concrete Music and another on his own label: ‘Luweez Beats’. Check out previews of them both beneath (including a remix from Bluffin’ re-worker Benton).

Elsewhere Sounds of Sumo favourites Mak & Pasteman have unleashed their adventurous take on the biggest tune of 2013 so far: ‘Jack’ by Breach. Let us know what you think of it.

This week also saw Mele grace the decks of Radio 1 on Sunday to cover for Diplo. Listen back to the whole thing here.

In other news, Py, the vocalist from Kadabrah’s ‘Black Magic’ is heading for big things. She has been recording new music in the Red Bull Studios and they filmed a quick Q&A session with her which you can catch here.

And finally, one of our regular remixers Real has done an awesome rework of Debian Blak’s ‘Push It’. Other contributions on the remix package come from SOS affiliate Shox. Check them both out below.

Many thanks again for your continued support, The SOS Team.

Sunday Stockpile Vol 10: Summer Monday edition

This is a picture of Friday brought to you on a Monday.

This is a picture of Friday brought to you on a Monday.

Last weekend I was knee-deep in a (semi legal) field rave and yesterday I was recovering from Sheffield punching me in the fun gland. Those are my excuses for my lousy time keeping and because I’ve skipped a couple of weeks i’ll try to make it up to you by making this a longer post than usual, filled to the brim with banging summer tunes to listen to while praying for that cloud to move. Grab your fake-bans and lezgo!






At this moment, I’m looking at the sunlight come through my window like I was some kind of victorian poet thinking of what rhymes with butterfly. Unfortunately, all I can see out of my window is the flat opposites kitchen where the nasty woman always tells me off for playing music too loud. But she’s at work or at a friends house so I’m pumping this banger really loud and pretending my high juice is a mojito and thinking of what Formby beach smells like. BRTSH KNIGHTS have been cooking up secret bangers for a while and are good homies of the Piri Piri boys so go cop this lavi$h $hit on 12″ from technicolour music on 10th June, right in time for our annual week of sunshine. As catchy as syphilis was back in the round table days.


Mos Def – Umi Says (Falty DL edit)



This edit makes me want to go to the local basketball court with a boom box and organise a tournament to save the local rec centre from the snooty family of oil tycoons. If you wanna star in your own 80s coming-of-age film, put this on in the car, sit on the hood of the car and talk to your friend about growing up.


Saint Germain – Rose Rouge 



Probably one of the sleaziest summer tunes of all time. Every time I see a french looking dude gliding through a crowded club on a cloud of self satisfaction, this is what I think is happening in his head. It makes me feel like i’m getting chased through the back streets of Paris by some dudes in berets. Edge-of-your-seat-thriller-summer-banger


Schoolly D – Saturday Night



Back before there was automation with a million squiggly lines all up in your shit, there was two different cowbell sounds and Schoolly D dropping flavour – Take that Abelton. If this tune was a homie, it would be Bill Murray dressed in strictly chinchilla. Cheeba cheeba y’all.



Chicago – I’m a Man



The best way to tell if its heat-wave hot is by looking down a long road and checking for the wavy lines of heat emanating from the surface. If you’ve got those bad boys, it’s time to put this tune on full blast and make that lemonade.


Shades of Rhythm – Everybody



The house piano is one of the purest forms of joy yet devised musically by man. It’s the musical equivalent of double dropping and we all know it. Sure, it got a bit stale in the 00s but what didn’t? I for one will be putting this on at sunrise a few times this summer. See you on the floor.


That’s all folks!

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